Password Reset

For standard users

Admin user password reset guide HERE

It happens to us all! Everyone forgets their password at some point. We do not store passwords for security reasons and so you will need to reset the original.

  • Go to the log in page (pictured below)
  • Click forgotten password
  • Add in the specified email address which you signed up with. This is usually your work email address

  • A password reset email will be sent to the individual specified in the account settings.

  • Click the reset link (the first link in the message above) and the following page will open:

  • Add your new password.
  • Click Change Password.
  • A log in page will open - add your log in email and the new password you have just chosen.

We know how much brain clutter there is to remember these days. Try to remember your password but if not do not worry- just go back to the start of this guide.